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Tarmac has come back in to fashion for driveways over recent years because of the flexibility of the product.

We have many different border options, ranging from a block paving border right through to imprinted concrete borders.

Driveway - Before

Tarmacadam or tarmac as it is most commonly known can be one of the most cost effective solutions for surfacing your driveway.

Driveway - After

Professionally installed, a tarmac driveway can be very attractive and hard wearing, available in red or black and with the extensive array of decorative stone edgings and features that are available will give your driveway a unique personal touch


Tarmac driveways are very versatile.

Tarmacadam can be used in all types of gradients, levels widths and shapes making it ideal if you have an awkward shaped area to cover.

Tarmac is the most low maintenance drive you can install.


Once down can last for years without the need to weed, seal or re-sand.

A Tarmac driveway will enhance your property.

Tarmac offers a solid ground base for cars etc.

Comes in the traditional colours of black or red 

Cost effective

Hard Wearing

Long Lasting





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Repairing your tarmac

Your tarmacadam driveway can be repaired and revived.

Commercial properties, as well as private and residential properties have tarmac driveways, car parks, paths and even patios, which may deteriorate over the years.


 Tarmac is a very hard wearing material but like all materials it does need some attention with long exposed wear and tear, through weather changes and vehicle usage.


If, over time, you notice any cracking or tears in your tarmac driveway then it can be repaired and is best done before it gets too bad.  A small repair may be all that is needed, whereas if left, it could be a bigger job but it does not mean the whole driveway has to be dug up.


A little maintenance can keep a tarmac driveway in optimum condition at all times.

Pressure washing can also keep your driveway looking good.


Pressure washing can remove dirt, debris which gather over time, also minor staining.


Also oil marks can be treated before cleaning, to get the best results.



Cleaning off the loose surface is essential and then putting hot tarmacadam in the holes and then rolling it into position to make the surface level with the existing surface which would enable people more so to walk on or drive over.

Contact us for advice on your driveway maintenance.


Drainage may not be adequate to take the existing rainwater off the drive, let alone if you are having a new surface laid.

We would advise on this for you when we come to see what you require doing.

If you have a permeable surface (which lets the water through) i.e. coloured gravel, chippings, hardcore by itself, or you can have open grade tarmacadam specially made to allow a certain amount of water through.


When we take up a road / drive or we add hardcore to the surface it may be useful to know  how long the existing surface has been in place.