Warwickshire Paving

Driveways & Landscaping

Warwickshire Paving can improve the external areas of your property

Mono Block Paving or Block Paving is one of the ways to improve your driveway and add value to your property

Your driveway has to endure heavy vehicles being driven over it, and perhaps turning round on it therefore,  it needs a good foundation and structure to ensure your driveway will withstand these everyday pressures.  Driveways need to be built to a much deeper specification than paths or patios.


Very low maintenance

Looks good

Enhances the appearance of your home

Adds value to your property

Can withstand harsh conditions

Wide range of colours and designs

Long lasting

High durability


Block Paving comes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

The edgings can either match or contrast for that finishing touch.

Drainage incorporated on a driveway


If you have a Manhole cover on your driveway we ensure they are fitted to match the driveway


Block Paving is also used for paths and patios

They can also match and blend in with your driveway


There are many benefits to replacing or adding a new path to your property

A block pave path can enhance and provide better access around your garden

 Contact us and we can help advise you with your garden design.


We dig the surface area out to a depth of approx 200mm.
This is essential to ensure your paving lasts a long time.
Edge Course 
Once we have completed the sub-base, we will install the edging courses and drainage.
Bedding Layer 
We lay the paving blocks directly onto a bed of coarse grit sand (screed), approximately 35-50mm thick.

The Paving Layer
The paving blocks are laid to a specific pattern.
Cutting In
When all the blocks are have been laid we 'cut-in' all the areas not filled with whole blocks.
Once the whole area is completely paved and cut-in we replace any cracked or chipped blocks.

We brush a bone-dry silica sand across the paving to fill in all the joints and create that perfect finish.     
The Final Result
A stunning drive, expertly designed, planned and installed, leaving the customer 100% satisfied.


Door steps

Block pave steps can also be incorporated into your driveway design

We can install door steps or garden steps